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Joint internet and telephone packages


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are these prices the totals of a monthly broadband subscription, and the rental for a telephone [replacing the rental that BT charge ?]


What about the price of calls on the telephones as extra ?



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I have bulldog and my deal is:


£29.50 for 8mb Unlimited (No fair use agreement or any other bollocks like that) ADSL + Line Rental + Unlimited Calls to Landlines. It's supposed to be £52, but they tried to rip me off and I outsmarted them and ended up ripping them off instead. :D


Unfortunately, bulldog are shite at customer service and hardly ever get your bill right, in fact they're so shite, they've been sold to pipex, who appear to be equally as shite.


Not sure what use this is to you, or why I'm even saying it, but there you go.


If I switch, I'm switching to this lot:




Don't know if they do Newcastle though.


I'm not being much help, am I, I'll shut up now.

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