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An important update


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Just incase anyone had been concerned!


It appears that Bubbles has finally managed to cope with his new life without Jackson.  He has only made one suicide attempt, but is currently happy in his new home.


FOr further info...bubbles home page




Its certainly a weight off my mind, that hes ok.


Am sure others are relieved also!

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Fuck sake. Can we not do a harry-norway to this guy's post count?


That's a scary reminder of just how long you were lurking on this forum, before you became a full-time poster...

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Just reading that site...


For $10,000 you can become my exclusive adoptive “parent” for one full year and have the opportunity for a unique overnight stay in a guest cabin on sanctuary grounds.
Who the bloody hell is going to pay that?!


For that kind of money you could buy your own fucking cabin and kip in it all year!

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