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It's all kicking off EVERYWHERE tonight


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Two patrol cars have been set on fire after members of a community where a young man was shot dead by police took to the streets to demand "justice".


Protesters have gathered outside the police station on the High Road in Tottenham, north London.


It comes after a 29-year-old father-of-four, named locally as Mark Duggan, was shot dead by police on Thursday.


The Metropolitan Police said missiles were thrown at the cars, both were set alight and riot officers deployed.


A spokesman said about 300 people were on the streets but not all were involved in the disorder.


He said that officers dispatched to disperse the crowd had had bottles and other missiles thrown at them.


The force said the incident began after police officers parked two patrol cars on Forster Road and High Road and began patrolling on foot.


The spokesman said: "At approx 20:20 BST a number of bottles were thrown at these two cars - one was set alight and the second was pushed into the middle of the High Road. It was subsequently set slight.


"The officers were not in the vehicles and were unhurt."



Vanessa Robinson said she had joined the original protest outside the police station and it had begun peacefully.


She said the situation had now turned into "absolute chaos".


Maria Robinson, who lives in Tottenham, described the situation as "absolutely manic".


She said people were throwing bottles, "making bottle bombs", setting fires and shops had been broken into.


Another resident, David Akinsanya, 46, said several shop windows had been smashed.


"It's really bad," he said. "There are two police cars on fire. I'm feeling unsafe. It looks like it's going to get very tasty. I saw a guy getting attacked."


Are you in Tottenham? Were you at the protest? Please fill in the form below if you are willing to be interviewed by the BBC.


For Cajun.

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Looks like Vauxhall will have to issue yet another recall for their faulty Astra engines.

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Hopefully a sizable section of the rioters get caught on CCTV.


Justice wont get done though. I'm f***ing sick of rioters in this country. We need to make an example of some of these pricks. Hand out a few 10-20 year sentences. That'll deter any future civil unrests nicely.


Police state 4tw :coolsmiley:

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So they started out the night adamant they were going to win justice for the shot man. And ended up settling for burning a few cars out.


You can take the man out of Tottenham....

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Justice for the bloke who shot at a copper? Fucking morons, on the same level as the.' Raoul moat is a legend' cunts.


Would be happy to see these twats suffer the same fate as the bloke they are rioting over. Justice? Let the police strap a radio to you and take a shot at you. Eye for and eye and all that.

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