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PES 2012


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Guest ObiChrisKenobi

Active AI seems decent, but the other features just made me think 'I'll be able to exploit the hell out of those'. Unless of course they have the holy grail of football games, and have a top quality Defensive AI program.


Be a player looked decent.

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i might go fifa this year, i dunno.


:lol: You're seriously still plodding along with this shite?


By the time you've seen sense and swapped over to FIFA, PES will probably be boss again. Gotta stay flexible man, brand loyalty has no place here.

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Demo Wednesday


Two demos of PES 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are planned for release, Konami has announced.


The first goes live on Wednesday, and is based on a preview build of the game. Six teams are included: Manchester United, AC Milan, FC Porto, Napoli, Santos and Panarol. 10 minute matches and Challenge Training mode, in which you can practice the new control systems, are available.


Because the first PES 2012 demo "will not be truly representative of the final game," Konami will release a second demo "reflecting the final version's feel and gameplay" in mid-September.


This'll have 10-minute matches, too, but with Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Inter, Rangers, Club America and Sport Club Internacional.


Meanwhile, Konami confirmed release dates for the various versions of the game.


The PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 version launches on 14th October. The PSP and PS2 version launches on 28th October. And the Wii version goes live on 4th November.


Dates for iOS and Nintendo 3DS "will be announced shortly".

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A fucking month?  :dowie:


The Xbox 360 version of the PES 2012 demo has been delayed until September, Konami has announced.


Apparently "unforeseen issues" need ironing out before Microsoft patrons can get their mits on it.


The PC and PlayStation 3 demo is unaffected and launched today as planned.


The latest iteration of Konami's long-running footie franchise arrives in stores on 14th October.

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