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Think I've been Keylogged


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Basically I went onto my laptop yesterday and my keyboard was fucked...I'd start typing and all sorts of shit would come...it's happened before aswell.


It returned to normal today but someone once got onto my facebook so I did an anti virus scan with Kaspersky free trial.


18/08/2011 00:59:21 Proactive Defense Detected: PDM.Keylogger Absent Keylogger activity \DRIVER\DKBFLTR

18/08/2011 00:59:22 Proactive Defense Detected: PDM.Keylogger Absent Keylogger activity \DRIVER\DKBFLTR Action selected by user


Was found... can't really afford anti virus...is there anyway I can remove these? I had AVG but that picked up nothing.



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You don't need to spend money to get AV.  As mentioned MalwareBytes is superb at getting rid of stuff.  I also use Microsoft Security Essentials (which is free) and touchwood no problems for ages.


Bit of googling seems to indicate it might be a false positive:





In any event download MalwareBytes at the very least and run that.  If you have been running with no AV and regardless of whether it finds anything then I'd immediately change passwords for online banking, facebook etc to be on the safe side.

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Would recommend Kaspersky though. Not too expensive, piece of mind etc.


You can get just as much peace of mind from the free stuff to be honest.  If you look at the reviews, commercial packages like Norton, McAfee etc don't score very highly.  Admittedly Kaspersky does seem to be good, but if I can get something free that provides the same level of protection....

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