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Ria's Rainbow.


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Guys and girls, I need your help.


It's a very long story but ultimately we're trying to raise money for my lovely friend Michelle's little girl, Ria. She's 5 years old and was born very prematurely and consequently has cerebral palsy. She can't walk unaided and uses a frame and has numerous other difficulties which she meets head-on every day because she is amazing and inspirational. She has recently been accepted by a professor in the USA to have life-changing surgery which will enable her to walk without her frame, but it costs £50,000.


A couple of weeks ago, Ria's step-sister arranged a massive funday and huge charity raffle at the nursery she works at, and this happened..




The scumbags stole everything, but since then Michelle has started to get a little bit of attention from the media who were interested in the story and we're all hoping that Ria's story reaches more people because she really is a feisty and gorgeous little girl. So basically I'm trying to do my bit. They've raised just over £20,000 so far but have to raise the other £30K quite quickly otherwise she'll forfeit her 'space' in the queue for the surgery.


Can anyone spare a couple of quid that they would otherwise spend on a pint or a fiver that you were going to get a takeaway with? I fully realise that I sound like a Children in Need clip but we're all desperate to help. Michelle and I have been friends for 15 years and I'm in awe of what an amazing mammy she is and I'd love to help them.


Ria's website is  www.riasrainbow.com  There is a paypal button if anyone wishes to help us.


And finally, we were down in Manchester a few weeks ago at a charity day for the little lady herself and this is her, and our camera-shy son in the 2nd pic!










Thank you :)


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On payday...will do :thup:


Not often you get a chance to help another gain the ability to walk.


You're a good man. :thup:


Times are hard and money's tight for everyone but every penny counts for this little lass. Any donations of any size would be most welcome. :)

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shameless bump.


I've just been speaking to Ria's mam and they have noticed an increase in donations in the last 24hrs. She and I just want to say thanks again.


Ultimately, you're helping a little girl be able to walk and run without having to carry a metal frame around. She's only 5 and has had to battle every day since she was born 13 weeks early.


That's got to make you feel proud that you helped her :)

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Done :)


Only a fraction of what I wish I could donate but hopefully every little helps.


If only there was a kind rich person/organisation. :(


Every penny takes us closer to this surgery so I can't thank you enough, and everyone else for your kindness. I'll keep you all updated and I know Michelle had had a lot of local media coverage. It just takes the right person to hear her story and maybe things can move quicker.


Just a thought - it makes me sad to hear about the likes of Barton wanting £80,000 a week for kicking a ball around some grass. Just 3 days wages would be enough for Ria to be able to walk and kick a ball at all.

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Money in the tin, soz it wasn't more, best of luck to the lass.


I don't get to know what anyone donated and I don't care. Anything is brilliant.


Ria's grandma put on facebook tonight that they're now half way there. That means they've had £5000 donated in the last week and you've all been part of that! You're all fucking legends :)

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Im a new graduate currently without a job, but I could not resist donating.


Good luck, and much love from Norway!


Carol (who e-mailed you) messaged me today absolutely over the moon that Ria has reached Norway.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please tell Norway! :D

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Even thought it's a paypal link, if you are a technological dinosaur like me and don't have a paypal account you can still donate by putting your details in.








People probably already know this but if you are as stupid as me and were initially put off by the paypal thing you can still donate  :blush:

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