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Sensible Things Your Girlfriend Has Said

Dr Venkman

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Ok, this may be a one post thread, but this morning.......


Her: How did the transfer window end then? any good?


Me:  Not for us, no, wasnt really expecting it to be honest, our owners are tight, they tend to go for free transfers and cheap players if they can.


Her:  But isnt it like an investment? Dont you do better by buying better players and finishing higher in the league?


Me:  Yes, you're right.

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Decent ^


Btw, who is the chick in your av?


Rehea Watson she was a Soccerette the other week. I'll have to find some more photos to put in the lush lasses thread.



Hope she looks like your avatar, it's in the wank bank anyway.


Well she was asian not black but a very similar kind of look and a cracking set of tits.

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