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Game of Thrones - THE GAME (with Thrones)

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Guest ObiChrisKenobi


The notion of peace and war is very important in A Game of Thrones and, in part, fixes your strategy and how you will gain control of territories.


At the start of each game, harmony usually reigns. However, every action taken by the players has an effect, be it positive or negative, on the apparent peace. Every killing, assassination, imprisonment and other treachery actions will lead toward War. To the contrary, sending messages of peace to enemy castles (if the envoy manages to reach his destination alive!), freeing captured enemy units, and other actions, will maintain peace. Depending on your strategy and plans, you may want to maintain peace, or to precipitate war.



Setting alliances with townships, castles and other control points is only possible during peace, by sending either an envoy to agree on a wealthy, open alliance, or a spy to build up a less profitable, but secret alliance. You may also marry your Great Lord in a town or castle to set an unbreakable blood alliance. Be wary though, if your Great Lord is assassinated and did not have any heir… the game is lost!



When war breaks out, there is no turning back. The lords in their towns and castles become Loyal, and show their true allegiance if a secret alliance was in place. The more alliances you have when War comes, the better. Spies and envoys may not set alliances any longer, so the only way to capture towns and castles is to lay siege to them.





He is head of the House. If he is killed, and has no living heir, the game of thrones is lost for his House! It is possible for the Great Lord to marry in a town or a castle, to gain a sole heir as well as an extra bonus. His presence in a town or an allied castle enables hiring of units from this location. If your Great Lord delays marriage, be prepared to see bastard sons appear.



A bastard appears when the great lord takes too long to marry. If your enemy uncovers one of your bastards, your House will immediately lose 10 Prestige points. A bastard may abandon this status and be recognised as legitimate heir, in exchange of a hefty sum of gold.



The envoy carries out diplomatic actions with the aim of gaining alliances with towns, castles, temples, ruins or gold mines. He may be sent to carry peace messages to the opponent’s seat of power in order to maintain peace – if this suits your current strategy, that is. The envoy is prone to be the target of an enemy spy or rogue, and may thus be a turncoat in your enemy's pay.



The merchant increases income by travelling between towns or gold mines, and the seat of your House. The greater the distance between the two points, the more gold the merchant carries. Protect them. When a merchant is killed, the aggressor pockets the gold he was carrying.



Spies fill quite a few different roles. They may infiltrate the seat of an enemy House to become a turncoat, or verify the identity of your own units. Additionally, during peace time they can set up secret agreements with towns or castle, or set secret agreements with towns or castles, gaining their allegiance without the opponent knowing.

Spies are stealth, and may also uncover other stealth units.



The assassin is used to kill lone units. However, he fears guardsmen and units in number. The assassin is the only one with the guard to be able to end an uprising in a town. Gaining experience, the Assassin will gain the ability to poison units, effectively killing the targeted unit without giving out his location.



The rogue is used to foment uprisings in towns, in order to disrupt your opponent’s alliances. If you give him some gold, he may also attempt to buy off the enemy’s mercenaries, assassins, and even envoys. Rogues are stealth units in certain conditions, but they may be uncovered by a spy.



A noble lady may be married in a town or allied castle in order to create a blood alliance. This type of alliance is much more difficult to break, and generates more gold. A noble lady may also try to seduce a lone enemy unit, such as an heir, in order to win him over from the enemy.



There are three types of mercenaries: men-at-arms, bowmen and horsemen.

Their attacking capability is lower than that of regular troops, but they are still effective combatants. They can neither enter nor lay siege to any town or castle and are prone to headlong flight unless a commander is close by. Their allegiance goes toward who offers the most, and with the right sum of gold, an opponent can buy them off.



Armies are made up of a given type of units: men-at-arms, bowmen, pikemen, horsemen, crossbowmen or knights. They are more disciplined, and more capable fighters than mercenaries. They are the only units able to lay siege to lay siege to a town or a castle. An army without a commander which loses more than two thirds of its manpower will flee the battlefield. They have sworn allegiance to you, and may not be bought off by an opponent’s rogue.



This is the leader of an army. A commander possesses an Aura of Fervour, which prevents the troops under his lead from fleeing the battlefield in headlong flight, when they suffer from heavy losses. When the commander earns enough experience, he may gain the “Fake army” ability. A commander may be the target of an enemy spy and become a turncoat in the pay of your enemy.



Guardsmen never flee a battlefield. They can be used to protect friendly units, towns and castles if they have the Bodyguard skill. While protecting, guardsmen are invisible to the enemy until they are called into action. A guardsman may not act inside enemy territory, except within the scope of a protection role. They will imprison enemy assassins, rogues, noble ladies or spies, but they will have to fight against mercenaries or other regular troops.











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