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Help lads, please!

Guest TheOrder

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Guest TheOrder

Right, about two years ago, I stupidly got my PC from PC World. I also purchased the 5 year protection thing, maintainace etc.


About a year ago, my computer fucked, and the fella came around to fix it, which it did within an hour.  My mate (who is a reet computer nerd) checked my computer afterwords, and told me that the bloke had reset some bios thingy, and my processor will on run at half speed. Apparently, the bios screen is passworded, and I can't change the information on there.


I didnt even bother ringing them back at the time, to tell them to come around and fix it, as i could still browse the web, still download etc.


Does anybody know what i'm gaan on about, and can anyone help me?

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