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Calling gamers and Americans.


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Visiting some friends in America next month. Their kid has a Nintendo DSiXL. He's big into Naruto so I thought I'd get one of those games.


Two questions:


1- Will the new one (3DS - http://www.play.com/Games/DS/4-/19115961/-/Product.html ) play on the DSi XL?

2- Do these games come with assigned regions like DVDs do? So if I buy it here will it still work on his DS?


Cheers gents.

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Cheers David.


Also found an answer to the second one:


"The immediate successor to the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DSi, is region-locked, but only in terms of its downloadable games. Physical DS game carts will play on it regardless of region of origin (DSi-only and even DSi-enhanced games are region-locked though)."



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