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London 2012 Posters


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Only the one with the coloured rings on that I don't consider a crock of shite.

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Some of the explanations (read: justifications) of them are arguably even better. See that shit blue squiggle, third one down? 'Hodgkin describes his work as "representational pictures of emotional situations."'


I'd have much more respect for them if they just admitted it took 30 seconds and means fuck all.

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These remind me of when I saw the bloke responsible for the installation where the light went on and off getting interviewed on C4 news about his new piece which was those people legging it through the Tate. He was doing all he could not to piss himself laughing and you could tell he couldn't believe his luck that people were swallowing what he was doing. The interviewer said he must have done a load of research into the mechanics of how people run and he said "Nah, not really, I think I watched the athletics on the telly once." After that interview I just thought, fair play, respect to him for having the balls to pull it off, and in a way that's how I feel about these, I mean fuck it they're only posters, who gives a shit, it's quite funny really.

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