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Anyone going to Tesco Express?


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Tesco Express's are currently doing Friji's buy one get one free ....HOWEVER...

Bought 6 Frijis at £1.25 each

Till discounted Friji Milkshake Bogof of £3.75

and then

Friji Milkshake Buy 1 Get 2 free of £5.10

so a profit of... £1.35




Everyone's saying it works as well, hottest deal of the day. Want someone on here to try it.

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This sort of thing always happens at Tesco. The wife is all over it. She went out earlier and came back with 40 of the fuckers. There was a thing with Terry's Chocolate Orange a few weeks ago, she bought loads of them and paid next to nothing. She's had all sorts of stuff from them.


Another thing to look out for is wrongly priced items. Last week DJ Hero 2 was priced up at £19.99 on the shelf and scanning at £79.99. Bought one, popped to customer service and got back double the difference from Tesco. They paid me £40 to take it away.


Also got a 'Light Strike' laser game for the kids which had a half price sticker on so should have been £30 but was scanning at £60. Got 4 sets for £0.


It's all over the Money Saving Expert forum.

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