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Bye bye


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Thats it, I'm done with this forum, cheer all you want.


I'm sick of being ridiculed and after receiving a personal message from a member of this forum which pretty much undermined my sadness for todays loss of Gary Speed I'm off.


Gary Speed was a legend, a true gentleman, a true professional and touched many people and I'm sorry for his loss and feel for his family and loved ones.


Yes tonight i have passed on speculation around the reasons why he felt the need to tragically take the actions he has chosen to do but so have others on the forum and so has Chris Camera and non of those people are being singled out for ridicule and non of them are getting personal messages aimed at them. I admit I am guilty of the same speculation all of you are feeling but I'm also guilty for his loss and that hasn't been acknowledged on this forum.


I bid you all good bye, theirs some good people on here but sadly theirs some arrogant bullies on here and to be honest this is a forum about football not somewhere I come to get abused.


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