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Buying a pair of NUFC shorts


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Suppose this is more appropriate in the Chat section...


Im trying to buy a pair of NUFC shorts (not bothered whether they are 10/11 or 11/12, whether they are home, away or third) and man i am i finding it difficult!


I live in Durham (not the toon) and have looked in various shops in various towns/cities/shopping centres and found nowt! Funny how Sports Direct can have Manure, Lpool n Scumderland shorts in every size, but no NUFC ones.


So, i want a pair of M's, wheres my best bet online? Sports Direct website is £8 + £4 postage but i dont really want to give Fat Cashley my money directly, particularly as i reckon he is behind the fact its so fucking rock hard to find a pair for sale anywhere (im presuming the entire stock is for sale at SJP)


Any help?

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Just seems funny that you cant buy them in his store, but you can buy them on his website and give him an extra £4 for postage though.


Yeah, i might try and get thru SJP, tho times running out, and then the price of the train ticket means i might as well buy them online. Just wondering if anybody has any sites in mind that ive not tried.


Funny, not that many years ago you could have gone into any sports shop in the land and gotten kitted out in a full toon strip and probably tracksuit. Not now.

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