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cheapest way to get to orlando


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Theres very little difference between them and they are all over £600. Sometimes you can get that down a little by flying into Tampa rather than Orlando, but not much.


From memory, only Thomson fly direct to Florida from Newcastle. (Currently about £680)


Cheapest way is to hold your nerve, (if you can) wait til the last minute where you can get the price down by many hundreds.

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had a mate who did the cheapest way he could, flying to holland first then on to florida. Dont know how much he saved?


Did that 2 years ago and for what we saved it wasn't worth it. Too much hanging around over there.


Flying from Manchester next year, done that a couple of times and it worked out the cheapest.


Used to fly from Newcastle when XL used to fly into Sandford but its been pulled now :(.



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