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making video discs


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I have 10 or so flv files i wanna burn to disc that will run on a dvd player.  Ive burned audio cds before but not video discs.


The version of windows media player i have (11) isnt clear about burning dvds.  I know that some data formats wont play on dvd player....depends on age of the player?


IS ther a good free program for making video dvds?  I suppose its differnt thing, if i wanted it to have a menu.


If i just burn the files to disk, will it auto play?  I know i can burn the files to cd as a data disk, but am unclear about best format they should be in?  ie if i leave them as flv can some dvd players read them...trial and error to see if mine can.


Nover tried this before, and just trying to avoid wasting a few blank dvds!

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ok i tried with wmp11 to burn em to a cd as data disk...this played ok on my computers dvd player...wmp could read them fine, so i took em downstairs to the dvd plyer by telly and it didnt see anything on the cd....tbh it was cheap crap i bought from asda about 4 yrs ago. [edit actually maybe it was 2004]


I realise i probably cant get around converting format, from flv to something else.  Maybe am insane, but seems to lose sound quality when i convert the flv files. Which format would retian best sound quality for a, audio only.  b, video+sound

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