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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


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Previously known as Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the story behind this is quite interesting.

Kojima Productions started working on it after MGS4, but with Kojima letting a new team work on it, as he was busy with MGS: Uprising for the PSP. They came up with the idea of cutting anything, which led to the E3 2010 trailer (which is excellent), but they struggled to make it into a game. After Kojima had finished Uprising, he came in to look at Rising, and realised that they weren't getting anywhere. He was happy with the story, the characters and the system of the game, but they couldn't figure out how to make it into an actual game. In December 2010, the game was outright cancelled.

Early this year, Kojima met Minami, the president of Platinum Games, at a party and asked him if they were interested in taking over the project. Minami thought he was joking, but when he realised that he wasn't, they quickly accepted it. It took them a week to come up with a document that detailed how the game would be made, and contracts were signed and everything Kojima Productions had made by then were passed on to Platinum. Platinum then decided to abandon the FOX engine that Kojima Productions had used, and remade the game from scratch using their own tech. They also decided to move the story from being set between MGS2 and 4 to after 4, because it would give them more freedom on how the game ended.

VGA 2011: Exclusive Revengeance Trailer - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Actually really like this trailer.


Really didnt like the look of the game when it changed direction but I think this looks pretty cool.

There is a 14min gameplay video but i would advise people to avoid as the guy playing it doesn't seem to have a clue and basically stands still and uses the sword over and over. But as the trailer shows you can clearly do more than that.


Although it says release date February 2013 which is a bit of a ball buster as I was assuming the game was coming out soon judging from the trailer.

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The one area where the game falls down is the camera, which is often troublesome and sometimes outright spoils fights. It has serious issues when Raiden's very close to walls and, given that this is where certain enemies are trying to corner you, it's a pronounced problem. All fighting games have this to some degree, but what makes it infuriating in Revengeance is that parrying is dependent on a directional movement as well as the timed button press - so if you're about to parry a move next to a wall, and the camera suddenly shifts to put the enemy at another angle, good luck.


This is a great shame that becomes even more of a problem on the game's highest difficulty, and the fact that the rest of Revengeance is so good doesn't excuse it. It is no small tribute that Revengeance is essential despite this, but a little of its lustre is lost.


If Revengeance didn't have camera issues this would be the easiest 10 I've ever given. As things stand it's still brilliant, staking out new territory in the genre and adapting certain Metal Gear characteristics so well that it makes the competition look outrageously bad. This is simply the ultimate one-man show, worth its ticket price many times over, an experience that improves exponentially as it gets faster and as you get better. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a thrilling and almost flawless fighting game - come get some.



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Part of me wants to buy this just because I love all the other MGS games, but I just find the demo so fucking hard, even on easy!  Cannot get to grips with the parry thing at all, every time I try to do it it seems to do nothing.


I obviously suck :yao:.

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