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Guest ObiChrisKenobi

Anyone else on Sky Broadband unable to connect to twitter? There are a few other sites I can't access either: Thehut.com neogaf.com for example. Rebooted router but nothings improved. Something wrong Sky's end?


So far the following won't load/timeout when accessing.


neogaf.com and www.neogaf.com

twitter.com and www.twitter.com







I can access all sites via a proxy, so I'm assuming sky are blocking these for some reason?  ???

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If you already have an internet connection try getting the IP address of the URL's you've just listed, I.E the IP address for www.google.com is There will be some shitty DNS look up tool on the web floating about somewhere


Try doing a few pings to the ip addresses of the sites you're having trouble with, if its not good try a traceroute.


Post back your results!


EDIT - ah, you can access these via proxy? Still traceroute the URL's from your machine command prompt



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