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N-O FIFA League (360) - Teams picked - See OP


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Use the following site to record your matches.


Use your name and gamertag for registration e.g Clay- Claying Mantis


Im off for the weekend but just to say it again


1. The league page is http://nofifaleague.co.cc/

2. Before you play you need to add your team AND your players (the players you plan to play are enough, you can add more later)

3. To add your team you have to login. Username and password are both fifa



PS. Are we using suspensions? Red card = 1 match? 2 yellows = 1 match?





  • 6min halves
  • Two games against each team
  • Winner submits the score, scorers and cards. If the game ends in a draw you can decide who submits the score. It's better that you both take note of the stats in this case and decide later who puts them on the site.


Matches can be replayed if the opponent claims to "lose his connection" under the following circumstances:

  • If the loss occurs in the first half and you are only one goal down.
  • If the loss occurs when you are under with three or more goals (at any time) the opponent will be awarded a 3-0 victory.
  • If the loss occurs when the opponent have a two goal deficit, you can sort it out between yourselves what to do. (i.e award a victory, replay from 0-0, play a new match where you put the scoreline back the way it was before playing on and etc.)
  • If the loss occurs to the person in the lead, you can choose between letting the leading player get the victory, restart a game or restart the game and make the scoreline the way it was before playing on.






Phil Mitchell - Santos

SEMTEX - Dinamo Moskow

mattypnufc - Leverkusen

Kaizero - Anzhi

NEEJ_Hunter - Shrewsbury... I mean, Bilbao

dinotheprehistoricgeordie - Schalke

Clay - NUFC

Fugazi - Udinese

prestonj1989  - Aston Villa

Kasper - Palermo

Nixon - Spartak Moscow

Anderson -  Fulham

Shreddy Krueger - Stoke

ben-nufc - Hoffenhiem

Si - Ajax

Neil -  Everton

TaylorJ_01 - Fiorentina





Gordon Badlund

Ian W

Inochi - Made 3 picks and still didn't get a team, Sorry!





Simpleton version:


Shut the fuck up, pick 3 teams in preference order, then shut the fuck up again until I tell you who you're getting


Long version:




I will:

Assign teams to those people whose 1st preference has not been “1st preferenced” by anyone else.

Calculate which team is repeated most as 1st preference – inevitably NUFC.

Draw NUFC owner, from those users with NUFC as #1.

Calculate the next most preferred 1st preference team, Draw owner of that team.

Continue until all 1st choices are gone.

Remove all 2nd and 3rd place teams that have been picked already.

Calculate the most preferred 2nd preference team, Draw owner of that team.

Continue until all 2nd choices are gone / everyone has a team

Remove all 3rd place teams that have been picked already.

Calculate the most preferred 3rd preference team, Draw owner of that team.

Continue until all 3rd choices are gone / everyone has a team







Phil Mitchell




1. Bayer Leverkusen

2. Espanyol

3. Palermo


Gordon Badlund




1.) Toon.

2.) Udinese

3.) Fulham







1:Spartak Moscow

2: Hoffenhiem

3: Sao Paulo



1. Anzhi

2. Ajax

3. Bremen


Ian W



1) Bilbao


3) Mackems, just for the crack.





1. Palermo

2. PSV

3. Aston Villa



1) Toon

2) Anzhi

3) Santos





1- Spartak Moscow





1. Undinese

2. Villa

3. Ajax


Shreddy Krueger

1. Villa

2. Stoke

3. West Brom



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The one we actually got through was when we had two small leagues wasnt it?


Had a website and everything, was pretty awesome :lol:


Yep. We've finished two of these actually, but the first was a cup. Then the follow up was a 1st division of the cup contestants and the 2nd division was the new guys. What's killed it every time after, IMO, is that there were just too many people to play making it lose momentum. If many are interested the most effective way would no doubt be small leagues with promotion/relegation or something.


In, though. Obviously. Whatever it ends up looking like. :thup:

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