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Technical question - powering a screen


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hi all,


need a bit of technical help.


we are trying to devise a way to wear a screen in order to put adverts etc on it.


problem we have is that we cant think of a way to power it.


what we are looking to do is power a 19-22' screen so someone can walk around town wearing it, one idea we have had is:


can we connect the keyboard part of a mini 7” lap top to a 17” or 19” lcd screen and will it work from the battery in the lap top if so, no additional wires or batteries needed. Some of these will have play lives of 6-7 hours meaning we simply charge it at night and were ready to go. Lots of times peoples screens break and they can still connect their lap top to a tv so this would be no different but I want to know if the larger screen will drain the battery and if so by how much. Will it work and how easy is  it to connect a 19”lcd screen to a mini lap top keyboard unit is the first question



can anyone on here help? you may need more info, as most will tell you, i'm shite at explaining this kind of thing!

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It is different because if someone breaks their laptop screen and plugs it into a TV, the TV is usually plugged into a power socket as well as the VGA cable going into the laptop.


I don't know for the answer but that may rule out you thinking it's very simple, and normal.

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