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Norton going nutts


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Hi lads, before anyone says it  I KNOW ITS MY OWN FAULT!!


I was looking for a patch yesterday for a bit of software, I found  one downloaded it, ran it and pow it turned my Norton off, panic sets in  bluebigeek.gif bluebigeek.gif


I opens Norton turned it back on, warned my 2 bad files, scanned and said it had removed them, but now if I leave the norton outgoing mail scanner on I get constant popups warning me that my mail server has rejected a mail I am sending.

Cheked outlook and there is nothing in my outbox.

Also it seems to have killed my winxp firewall, if I go to control pannel and try to open it I get this popup.


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what did you originally install?

It was meant to be a patch for tuneup utilities 2006, knew as soon as I clicked it it was a virus, I had scanned it but norton said it was fine. Soon as I double clicked it my norton turned off.


I have installed Panda titanium + firewall, but only a free trial its uncrackible. but it has removed the dodgy files (I hope).

Whats the best AV?, not Norton I have lost all faith in it.

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I use Kaspersky. www.kasperskylabs.com I think they have a free version on their website Skirge.

Cheers mate, will check it out.  :thup:

Downloading it now and will have to go back to zone alarm for a firewall until I can be arsed to format this fknt hing.

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Took me a few moments there to get that  bluebiggrin.gif bluelaugh.gif

But why on earth would I post a help thread in here if said Irish puff had gone on one ?  bluelaugh.gif


Could be experimenting and he is in your bedroom  blueeek.gif

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