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She's pregnant.


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"it's not that hard," "best thing you'll ever do," "you'll be fine, mate"



EDIT: Depending on how you embrace it or not of course...it's a real life changer and you have no idea until baby arrives, how much love you have inside you to give this child. It's so hard to describe honestly, but it's all good again ,honestly. O0



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This is where all you experienced heads commence with the "it's not that hard," "best thing you'll ever do," "you'll be fine, mate" comments.




Have got 3 kids.


Just watch out for the mood swings during pregnancy, they make PMT look a walk in the park.


You'll not notice anything is different (apart from the aforementioned and a bit of a bump), then IT IS BORN and you'll feel like you've been hit with a sledgehammer - a good one though!


Enjoy the relaxation feeling you have now as you'll need eyes in the back of your head for the next 20 years and enjoy the realization that you're slowly turning into your Dad over the same period. 

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my mistake was trying to cling on to being single, or rather clinging onto the freedom i had when i was single...resented not having for ages, i was even warned but it's such a hard thing to do


i've only recently come to terms with it all and i'm much the better for it


oh and bairns are class like, once they get past the stage where you can stop being terrified they'll hurt themselves when they're alone or you'll hurt them it's mint

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