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Formatting in Excel


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so I have a CSV file and an XLS file with multiple e-mails in it which I've exported from our sales system.


Basically, in exporting it, it has given us all the names in this format:


Smith,"John","[email protected]" (all in one column - The A column)

Smith,"Paul","[email protected]"


For all the names. There are about 200 rows of these names and I want to send a group e-mail to these people. But if I highlight all the names and put it into Microsoft outlook it won't allow it due to the commas and speech marks. I can ctrl-f and delete these by using the 'replace' function, but that just gives me the names right next to the e-mails because all the data for each name is just in one column, not first name in the A column, second name in the B column, e-mail in the C column and such like


Do any of you guys know how to format columns in Edexcel so that you can mass delete certain parts of columns with a single action? or just format it so that all I am left with is the e-mail. I don't want the first name, the surname or any punctuation. Just the e-mail


Thanks in advance, it's been pissing me off all day and I'm getting no closer to solving it.

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