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Not sure myself... But I've a funny feeling the players themselves are beginning to believe they can do it which is half the battle...




Wait a minute... I took that picture :lol:

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Seems the concept "in ones own hands" is a little bit difficult for some people..  :crazy2:


No, with the helping hand of logic, this is in our own hands.


It's also still mathematically in our hands of course, but you knew that.


Enlighten me


Not sure if you noticed, we're level on points with Spurs, not behind.


I guess goal difference is a concept that's a little bit difficult for some people. :bluestar:




Not mathematically in our own hands than is it?


:lol: Yes it exactly is.


You've tried to be pedantic, you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

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Guest optimistic nit

Someone put this thread in 'Ace Posts' thread. I've got a feeling.


Nah we'll need an ace thread thread. Can't put ace threads in an ace posts thread, posts threads and threads threads need to be posted in seperate threads.

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That reminds me...


Idea born here: http://www.newcastle-online.org/nufcforum/index.php/topic,62592.msg2023111.html#msg2023111


After kicking Capello out of his job, I'm brought before the press for my first conference as England manager:


FourFourTwo ask me about tactics. I decide to be honest, and suggest I'll take quite a defensive approach: YES! BY FIELDING 11 GOALKEEPERS! (There's not an option to tell them that, though)


After succesfully evading questions regarding my plans for the England, my first move as Head Coach is to sack all the outfield players (obviously):





And replace them with 22 additional English goalkeepers:



The press seem a little uncertain about my move once the squad is announced before the Czech Republic friendly pencilled in for August, however, I'm hamstrung by the fact that only 49% of players in the PL are English! And even less of them are goalkeepers!



Getting closer to match-day, I start working on tactics with the lads. I've decide to go with a straight-forward 4-4-2 with the deadly Newcastle-based strike partnership of Steve Harper and Fraser Forster up front. A midfield of Robert Green, Joe Hart, Scott Carson and Richard Wright, and the familiar back four of Kirkland, Foster, Robinson and Taylor. As you can imagine, the hardest choice was picking who would go between the sticks. I opted for James based on the logic that if he has a shitter, I can just rotate him with any of the outfield players.



As the big day finally rolls around, morale is sky-high and I call the lads into the dressing room for the team-talk. I decide to be positive and challenge the players to get the result I know they're capable of:



We kick off and after 5 minutes we go a goal down (yeah, I forgot to take a screenshot). By half-time, well...



I decide we've been too conservative: our tackling ratio is off the chart, but we've yet to muster a single shot.


I decide, reluctantly, to take Forster off and put Ian Walker on for his invaluable experience (which, admittedly, doesn't actually include playing as striker for England... or any team, in fact). After a verbal lashing, I send the lads out...


...and they concede within a minute (again no screencap). The player seeing most of the ball is David James:


and by the 70 minute mark we're 6 goals down. I ring the changes, push Jamo upfront and go hell for leather. Almost instantly Kirkland goes close! Close-ish. Actually, his shot goes out for a throw-in, but it's an instant improvement.


Sadly, well...



The 28% of possession probably includes the time it took for David James to continuously retrieve ball from the back of his net.


Still, I'm proud of the lads' effort:



The press aren't quite as considerate and Richard Wright in particular gets a verbal cuffing for his slipshod performance on the right wing:


I stick up for the lad, naturally.


Later in the day, I'm informed that our 8-0 defeat at the hands of the Czechs is the worst England result of all time:



But, happily, I also broke another long-standing record:


Stick that, Theo.


After what was, to be frank, the utter humiliation of my experiment I decide to call it quits. However, if you think England were shit under my stewardship, look who's waiting in the wings:


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:lol: Gimps first post, man. Brilliant. The angry sarcastic 'ha ha'.


The wash basket kicking/internet is full of cunts bit is the best bit. :lol: Probably the funniest thing I've ever read on here.

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Has anyone stopped to think that this isn't on Sky / ESPN over here so if you live in this country then unless you're going to the match you'll be watching it on a shitty, unreliable, infuriating little stream while Mr Poland lords it up in front of his proper TV transmission having a posh wank and eating his fucking Doritos?


I just stopped to think that, alas I'd already voted.

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