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Watching Look North therefore extremely angry.


First 5 minutes about some cunt getting a new heart and bumping in to the mam of the dead cunt whose heart it was. THIS IS NOT FUCKING NEWS.


Saved by the tale of a couple of gadgies riding bikes in Stockton. Fucking riveting


One day some beautiful atrocity will light up our 6.30-7.00 lives.

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I like watching the news when I get in from work when I have my bait, invariable in runs through in to the local 'news' and I am a very lazy man.


EDIT: And I am a NPW, fucking brilliant, someone call Look North.


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Eat less food.  You'll be slimmer and fitter, your missus will be happier and stop looking at the delivery boys like a fat kid in Mcdonalds and you'll feel a sense of serene calm having not learnt the story of the rabbit that got trapped up a tree.

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