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Tips for kitting out an office


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I know there are some of you guys on here who have started small businesses like myself. I'm moving into an office in the coming weeks and was wondering if there are any good tips for kitting the place out? Desks, computers, chairs, it's all adding up really and I want to cut costs as best I can. I heard acquiring liquidated assets is a good way to go and I'm going to look into it tomorrow but I really don't know much about it.


Things like computers and Microsoft licenses and all are ridiculously dear, any tips for getting that kind of stuff on the cheap? I think I will end up going for free open source software on the computers but if there is a good way of getting Windows etc legit then I would go for that as others in the office know how to use all that stuff.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

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OpenOffice is very good, can't see any reason it couldn't be someone's main office application.






The powerpoint application is a bit suspect imo but the Word Processor and Excel are brilliant tools.

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