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Strange Caps Locks button behaviour

Dinho lad

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Every time I hit the "Caps Lock" button, the cursor on my screen disappears for a second or two, and consequently it prevents me from typing during that time, and then it appears again for me to continue typing.


In other words, every time I press the caps lock, this sign appears at the bottom of the page and I can't type for the one or two seconds that it stays there.





Anyone know how to solve this irritating problem?

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I don't know what manufacturer your computer is but that symbol is because of some software that controls your keyboard settings (and probably network/wireless etc). See if you can uninstall it in Add/Remove Programs.

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Go to "Start"

Search for "System Configuration" - double click

Click "Startup" tab

Untick "Quickset" and click apply, then OK

Will prompt you to restart.

Once restarted, you should be able to use Caps Lock as you expect it to work, without the delay when you press it.


Only downside - you lose the other Quickset visible icons, such as the brightness icons for F4 and F5, however, the keys still perform the tasks, just now icon.

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