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Jason Cundy on talkshite last night raving about the Toon....


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Having watched us last night said he thought that if we kept that squad together and added in key areas he thought we'd become a "real force" next season to challenge. Was pretty blown away by the midfield power, Colo at the back and the attacking threat on the break. Said it was the first time in a while he'd seen Chelsea completely and utterly out muscled in midfield. He said he thought City will be facing a far greater challenge on sunday than the one they faced on monday just gone - title far from over.


Question is how far can this lot go? (dreaded transfer window pending)

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Guest Roger Kint

Who the fuck is Jason Cundy?


Bitter twat who has spent the past few years slating our fans and club relentlessly. Dispises our delusional self important fans, basically his opinion isnt worthy of shit.

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He was absolutely gushing about us last night and said he had been criticial of us previously and not convinced about us this season but having seeing us in the flesh now, he was very very impressed.


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