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Marines 'upset' over pay blunder 


A defence minister has admitted that Royal Marines would be "disappointed and upset" after being falsely led to believe they would get a £3,000 bonus.

More than 4,000 marines serving in Afghanistan thought they would get the payment after a Royal Navy blunder. 


Derek Twigg said: "I understand how they might feel."  Shadow Commons leader Theresa May said the mistake would "have a major impact on the morale of  serving troops in a very difficult and dangerous theatre". She said the Ministry of Defence had made a "complete mess" of payment reforms.


Marines were given to believe they would receive up to £17 a day in extra long-term separation allowance payments, over a six-month period.  The misunderstanding derived from a mistake by the Royal Navy in explaining how the allowance would be paid under a new system.


'Dangerous job'


"We need an explanation as to why personnel were led to believe they would receive extra money only to have that money clawed back," Ms May said.

Defence minister Derek Twigg said: "A mistake was made but the Navy have done a good job in dealing with it.  The error was spotted before the money was paid. I can understand that some of the Royal Marines expecting this will be disappointed and upset about it."  He added: "It doesn't detract from the admiration we hold them in terms of the job they are doing, which has been recognised by the operational bonuses which will be paid to them. They are a tremendous professional organisation and I believe they will continue to do a very difficult job in difficult circumstances."




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