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Not sure if gusta

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5 hours ago, Mike said:

Love it, tbh. Bought a tiller and thinking of putting some more raised beds. Gonna get some snips and bonsai a few bushes.

Was dead into it until I saw a snake and came in and watched cartoons.


2 hours ago, leffe186 said:

Another good example. A local guy took some trees down for us and lent me a rototiller for a week. The main area I need to do was where a huge old tree went down, but I haven’t even started tilling because I’ve been digging out roots...and enough bricks and stones to make me think we’re on a Native American burial ground. Right now I just want Neville Longbottom to come round and magically till and level it. Fuck this shit. We’re genuinely considering extending the driveway and just concreting it over. When we next win the lottery.


What you tillering for, to grow in? You heard of no dig gardening? 



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6 hours ago, leffe186 said:

Yard work (gardening). Feel like I do this every year and SEMTEX recommends undocumented labour, but I just can’t make up my mind. I mean, it sucks, but it can be so satisfying. It just never ends.

I just hate the monotonous errand kind of tasks. They bring me no joy. I enjoy the projects that have a tangible end product. I've been utilized for building like 12 raised beds, a fuck load of fencing, irrigation system, the whole 9 yards (proof). That's all fine... but I gain nothing from sweating my tits off for an hour dragging around a heavy as fuck lawnmower. Every week.

Last week I had to weed the beds (in prep for someone else to do the mulching). Took like 4 fucking hours and felt like my back was gonna explode afterwards. And the weeds will be back in a week no doubt. Fuck it allllll.



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Computer coding.


Definitely not gusta most of the time. But I have to do it for my work (science research stuff), and the feeling when something finally works after struggling with it is great. It's got this anticipation thing too - seeing something running, waiting, then it worked! Fucking get in. (or the opposite, heart sinks, fuck what do I try now).

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My approach to beach is - go there, walk / swim / perv or do whatever else I went there to do, finish activity, go straight home.


Any sitting around leads to constant towel adjustment and increasing levels of anger as sand gets everywhere.


I love the beach and go there every few days, but any deviation from Scenario 1 can lead to a Rain Man style meltdown.





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