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The Royal Family


Should we abolish the Monarchy?  

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  1. 1. Should we abolish the Monarchy?

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I used to be a staunch royalist becuse of the heritage and Tourist attraction.  Then I read something by Robbie Coltrane about standing in line to meet one of them and he suddenly thought that their DNA was no better than his.  From that time I stopped being an apologist. 


:lol: :thup:


Same with myself.  Used to love belting out God Save the Queen, pissed, on an England night.  Then I grew up and thought about it for a minute.

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Make us more money than they cost so don't care.


Shouldn't really matter.  Hereditary privilege is absolutely wrong in this day and age.  I couldn't care less if they made us billions upon billions, it's still wrong.


Personally I'm much more bothered about whether they benefit the nation. Don't really care if one family happens to benefit because of it.

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I still haven't seen a good argument to get rid.


They have no power anymore, its just ceremonial stuff.







The fact we're all being made to face austerity measures should quite simply be enough, but:






We wonder why no decent laws ever get passed? 


"If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels." - Prince Phillip.

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Details of the trips emerged in the annual Royal Public Finance Report, which lays bare how much the Queen gets from the public purse over the year 2011-2012 and how she spends it.

Official expenditure rose marginally to £32.3million – up £200,000 or 0.6 of a per cent.


But Buckingham Palace aides stressed that they had actually realised a 26 per cent reduction in spending over the last three years in real terms. They say the monarchy costs just 52p a head for every man, woman and child in the country – although this does not include the estimated £200million bill for security."




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Except people don't go to Camden to see the residents or look at their houses.


I live 2 doors down from where Winehouse lived and died. We get upwards of 300 visitors a day, to our street. Always from Latin America, Europe, Ex-Soviet states. You name it.

The Stable Market where The Clash rehearsed and shot the iconic cover of their first LP. The Roundhouse where The Ramones kickstarted UK punk...I could go on, but of course these places will never achieve the heights of an over elaborate mansion for a German family in South London

And I believe Winehouse paid all of her taxes...



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I'm all for reigning ( ;) ) in the scale of the monarchy, getting rid of all the lesser royals and the assorted hangers-on and I'm not a supporter of hereditary power in itself, however I think it's still the best option to keep the King/Queen as head of state.


The biggest single reason is just how uber-shit the alternative is. Ask yourself what group you hate even more than the royals and I bet my arse that for most people, even the republicans, politicians is the word that springs to mind. So why would you want even more of them with even more power to fuck our lives up, for fuck's sake!?! Our politics is already fucking pathetic and having a president would only accelerate that exponentially, putting us over-the-top and well and truly into La-la land like you see in the states. I can't imagine anything worse myself, it'd be fucking awful, I think I'd have to leave to be honest. :lol:


A constitutional monarchy with a ceremonial head of state, is the least worst option by some way.

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