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I could really use....

The Bonk

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I will pass on saying that the Angel's stripes are too thin for a Newcastel shirt and instead just say that it is a very intriging design. I would wear it.




Haha...  well done, mate.  Cheers!




you are Sgraf right?


Yup, that's me, Sgraffio.  Not, Stephi?????  (please elaborate, mate)

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Someone living in California, circa 1988 there.





Defo on some Fast Times at Ridgmount High sort of buzz.  Appreciate you lads having a look. 


I know a good one "SAVE A HARP SEAL CLUB A CANADIAN" bluebiggrin.gif bluebiggrin.gif bluebiggrin.gif


Thought you said you knew a good one, mate?  :winking:

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I quite like it, desighs a bit too bold for my liking though.


So which is it?  :lol:  Cheers, mate, I know what you mean. 


Pretty smart design like. I think I'd only wear the grey background one, though. That's because I'm picky. :D


The Gold ink would stand out the best on the dark grey.  Cheers for having a look, mate.

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