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Torchlight 2

La Parka

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So it's Torchlight, with 6 player multiplayer, more longevity, new pets, new characters etc.


Torchlight 2 has improved almost everything, then, and that's without giving in to certain infamous modern temptations. There's no always-online requirement and no real-money auction house; that means the game is fully playable without an internet connection and that modding is actively encouraged. Throw in the strength of the loot system, those selectable difficulty levels unlocked from the off and the fact that your character decisions really stick, and you've got clear blue water between this and Diablo 3. The relationship between the two games is fascinating, actually: since the Torchlight series is made by some of the key figures behind Diablo and Diablo 2, the arrival of Torchlight 2 feels a bit like that moment in the second Back to the Future film when there are suddenly two different versions of 1985.

I'll leave you to decide which game's the one where Marty has a freshly-waxed truck and a camping trip with Elisabeth Shue lined up, and which game's the one where Crispin Glover's been murdered and the Clock Tower's become a casino. I love both of this year's big dungeon crawlers, though, and they don't overlap as much as you might expect.

That's the key, really: if the first Torchlight capitalised on the continued absence of Diablo 3, the second feels like a genuine alternative to it. It's a colourful, heartfelt and well-judged spin on one of the most reliably engrossing genres knocking around. Pick a class, choose a pet and set a course for Plunder Cove.




Bezerker: Melee DPS, smash em up

Engineer: Tanky slow Melee

Embermage: Mage

Outlander: Ranged DPS


Best bit: Its only £15 Quid.



Good video here.



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Guest ObiChrisKenobi

Semtex just needs to live in the US for a few more years and he'll be capped soon. No one cares, get on TL2.

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