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Star Citizen (PC - 2014)

O Neill

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Was surprised to see this pop up yesterday. There hasn't been a good space sim in almost a decade with the handful that have been released since refusing to break new ground. I was a big fan of Freelancer and some of the concepts it introduced to the genre almost a decade ago so it is great to see Chris Roberts coming back to the games industry to try and finally realise his vision. While the player base seems to have moved primarily towards FPS games these days there are still pockets of people playing the old space sims. With any luck the scope of this project may just be enough to draw some interest.


Announcement: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-10-10-wing-commander-creator-returns-to-melt-your-pc-with-new-space-sim-star-citizen


The promise of a dynamic, open world multiplayer mode sounds a little sketchy right now but I'm curious. It may be two years off but if Roberts can make an online environment that is constantly changing then this could be a huge success.

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