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Forza Horizon - DEMO OUT NOW


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Game is released in two weeks. October 26th.


Launch Trailer - Forza Horizon Launch Trailer


I've just been playing the demo and I'm impressed. Seems to be a mix between Need For Speed and Test Drive Unlimited.


It's definitely a lot different to the classic Forza, instead of track racing its all done on the open road.


The handling of the cars seems to be very similar to Forza 4 and the graphics are impressive.


Quality soundtrack too.  O0

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I felt the demo kinda lacks a bit of Soul...which is ironic as most Forza games are super sterile.


Now seeing the reviews I'm wondering if I'm not giving it a chance.


Thing I seem to find disappointing is the whole world it takes place in is just a bit dull.......

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Got this today thanks to Tesco  O0


Really liking it so far,seems that it's going to be well worth the money.


Also got some top class cars due to being a loyal forza player after my save games of forza 3 and 4 were spotted.  :cool:

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