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Studio 1


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1. Green

2. Yellow

3. Red

4. Blue

5. Orange

6. Purple

7. Light Blue

8. Rose

9. Silver

10. Gold



One of Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt's most celebrated aliases, Studio 1 is not so much a title but rather a series of ten influential records. Beginning with the Green record in 1995, Voigt began releasing one Studio 1 record after another, with each untitled record bearing only a different color to differentiate it from its predecessor. The records featured a unique style of ultra-minimal techno, characterized by a palette of bouncy beats at varying frequencies, intricately arranged into a spacious yet complex multi-layered rhythm. This palette of bouncy beats owed more to warm dub bass beats than crisp percussive bass beats, instantly differentiating itself from the traditional sounds of techno. Following the cult-like popularity of the ten records, Voigt released a compilation album that featured edited versions of several tracks and continues to release the occasional Studio 1 record on his Profan label.



Sure I remember someone going on about this a while ago, maybe parky?

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