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God damn benefit scroungers and in particular those $&£@ing immigrants!!


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I fucking hate benefit scroungers!


They take all they can from this country and give fuck all back, they make themselves rich off the back of all the benefits that the rest of us hard-working tax-payers have paid for, they use our NHS, our schools, our infrastructure, all for their own benefit, but aren't prepared to put a penny back into the system to pay for it. There's a massive group in this country who think that it should be run entirely for them, that the rest of us should pay and that they should be allowed - if not helped - to take everything they can, without making any contribution whatsoever. They have this sense of entitlement to such an extent that not only do they expect us to swallow this, they expect us to support it. They say that for us to be a "good" country we have to respect their rights over our own, well fuck them!


There's the ones who come here from abroad take our jobs and force down our wages, whilst sending everything they make back home, so that our economy is drained of its wealth and is struggling even more than it should be during these difficult economic times. Even worse than that there's the ones that claim to be British, yet do exactly the same thing!


Whilst the normal people of this country are being expected to accept cuts to their services and pay yet more tax, the government is being really soft on these scroungers and is allowing them to claim more and more benefits and pay less and less tax. Not only that, but a lot of these fuckers are involved with crime, they're always trying to play the system and even when they're caught they only get a little slap on the wrist, perhaps a small fine and a meaningless promise to be good boys and girls in the future. It's fucking pathetic and it's time something was done about it.


The one's who are genuinely are from here should be made to pay their way and although I'm not advocating mass deportation for those from abroad, those that are allowed to stay need to be forced to pay their fair-share and those that aren't prepared to do that need to be sent packing and a Brit allowed to take their place.


I mean look at these fuckers:


here, here, and here.

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Corporation tax is stupid- it incentivises avoidance such that if you don't play the game, your rivals can outperform you.


If we want to tax corporations, tax turnover, not profits.

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I present one of the biggest cunts for this (he even has a knighthood  :laugh2:) :




And Cameron paid him handsomely in our money to do a report on government spending!

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There's 13 trillion pounds hiding in offshore accounts that is UK taxable. Vodaphones acutal bill has been rounded down from around 3 billion as part of a gambit to get them to pay.

I'm guessing that's Green. He has 3 superyachts worth over 100m all registered in the Caymen etc..And his wife runs the nominee company in the UK so he avoids further payments.

Non-doms pay iirc £40,000 to register in the uk and then pay no further tax.

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