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So my bookcase is riddled with mould. Just picked a book up to flick through and immediately noticed that there were specs of mould on the outside of the pages. Glanced at the backing of the bookcase and noticed that there was a considerable amount of mould there too. Things got worse when I looked behind the bookcase to discover that the entire backing and wall was festering in it.


Guess I'm a silly boy for positioning a bookcase on an outside wall? Not that I had much choice in the matter. Still, where do I go from here? The landlord has been phoned and is coming around now. I'm going to demand that the cost bookcase is deducted from next months rent of course, but then what about the mold growth? I can't live in a flat where I am left freezing cold every single day, since every single window has to be kept open for large parts of the day.  And where I cannot place anything against an outside wall. Get her to buy a dehumidifier?


Ah s***, my guitar case is also accumulating mould.

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Don't see how your landlord has to pay for the bookcase.


The conditions in the flat are what caused the damage.


And fwiw, I could fill an entire forum page with complaints I've had to make during my first 3 months of tenure.  Close to renewal...

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Most likely case is there is water coming in from outside. Touch the wall, is it sodden?


I had the same problem at a house in uni. One wall was fucking hairy. My bed sheets at the opposite side of the room were damp because of it let alone the things next to the wall. They came and took off the sodden plaster and re-plastered it. It only happened again mind as they didn't fix the problem which was water seeping in from outside. Blocked drainage coupled with an old wall probably with a couple of small cracks in.


Demand it's sorted properly otherwise it'll just get worse int he winter.

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I've opened all the windows in an attempt to fully clear the condensation on the windows. Duly freezing my ass off. Can't be expected to live like this...


other complaints include:


no tv aerial for an entire month

only tv recieved now is through a sky dish and sky boxes, rendering my hd freview capacity useless

leaking ceiling in the corridor outside the flat

leaking ceiling in the corridor outside the flat causing the fire alarm system to sound for an entire night (landlord un-contactable)

said alarm went off in the day a week prior, which she obviously didn't sort

washing machine plug had been tiled over - had to send an engineer out to connect it via the fridge plug - running a cable under the kitchen units

washing machine connector was missing, just a £2 part, but i had to go out, buy it and install it.  so much for fixtures and fittings

kitchen surface fitted below the standard universal height for washing machines, so my washing machine is now operating on custom built legs and a gcse revison guide as a cushion

no bt line hardlien into the building.  Claimed I was the only resident out of 9 who wanted one and that I would have to sort it.  Obviously EVERYONE wanted one and were busy trying to sort their own lines.  Turned out there needed to be major physical work outside, which only the landlady could arrange, which was what she refused in the first place...


probably missed something



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Mould is an absolute bitch to properly get rid off once it's in, you can chuck all the books and the bookcase but you've still got the spores in the place - you're going to need to get some heavy duty bleach and wash every surface in there, then wash any curtains, seat covers, bedding etc that's been in the area on a hot wash.


Agree with those who said get a dehumidifier, will make a big difference, but are a bit pricey so if you can't run to that you can get boxes of little white ball thingies that help pull the extra moisture out of the air for a couple of quid.

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Landlady's son arrived.


He assessed the damage and agreed to the purchase of a dehumidifier.  He's also going to send out a builder to assess the loft cavity and outside walls to see if there are further issues other than a lack of ventilation.


What he was unwilling to do was replace my bookcase.  It took 3 attempts* by myself during conversation, with the final attempt coming as I was showing him out the door, before he relented and offered to replace our bookcase.  Tight bastards; you don't get rich for nothing, eh?


*even spaced so not to seem pushy

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There might be a possibility that the mold developed on the books themselves, due to humidity, right? I've seen some books that I stored away in a box come out in hideous condition.


Heard this before, sure I read or watched something on it happening to a library and in the end they had to get rid of the whole lot.


E: Completely irrelevant to your problems, dude.  Sorry. :lol:

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