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going to the dark side (WoW)


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Played Vanilla, TBC, WotLK and 1w of Cata.

Miss 40man raids...

MC @ 8.00pm

7.00pm: 10players online

7.59pm: 20players online

8.30pm: 40players online

9.00pm: 3players in kargath, 37 in orgrimmar/waiting for zep shouting for summon.

23.00pm: 18wipes, and 4bosses down.

Next day: same

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Played it for years.


Mainly pvp which i played a holy pala.


Did the odd raid but not many, levelled a Rogue,Mage,Druid,Shaman, Deathknight, Warlock, Hunter and Paladin to maximum level and quit just before the pandas and battleground bots invaded.


Activision have more or less ruined it now with faction changes and the like.


Like Willow said, old hat now.



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WoW used to be brilliant, I'd say i've had more fun playing that than any other game i've ever had. You've missed the boat by about 4 years though probably  :lol: Infested by idiots and unless you've got loads of time to commit the content is so dumbed down it's rarely fun.

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