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Looking for a new laptop


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(posted this in potential materialism but probs more chance of a reply here)


I'm after a laptop:


- Windows 7 OR 8, definitely not fucking Vista though, had enough of that utter turd

- Able to run the new FM

- Needs a decent size screen

- Decent amount of memory but nowt astronomical

- Ideally with Microsoft Office included so I can use it straight away for uni work

- aaaand with a good battery life, my current one says up to 5 hours and can barely last 40 minutes


If there's anything blatantly obvious then please please pipe up, I've no idea where to start looking. Not really wanting to spend north of £400 if possible.



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Guest neesy111

Windows 8 isn't that bad once you get used to it.


It really depends what you need to use the laptop for.  For multimedia then I think it looks good for anything office/work wise it looks a complete non-starter.

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