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Not worthy of a thread - Euro 2020 edition

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International tournaments are by far and away the football I look forward to and enjoy most these days, has been the case for a few years. It's the purity of it I think I enjoy most. Everyone is there for the football, the chance of glory, every player and spectator is fully committed to every single game.


More than ever with the club game there's a grim cynicism to it, a pretence that everything matters when actually a lot of the time it doesn't. This game in the league is worth more than that game in the cup, this game in the Champions League is worth more than that one in the league. Several trophies are treated as basically worthless, a joke that nobody wants, a hindrance to participate in. Almost every club in the pyramid is now primarily a vehicle for players to get themselves a bigger move, even down the leagues which used to feel a bit more pure (I've watched with sadness as most of the Hartlepool team which got promoted in June has now fucked off).


Clubs buying other clubs as a talent pool, or advertising themselves to players as stepping stones to bigger things, or teams made up almost entirely of loan players, or players being asked about their next transfer on the pitch after winning a cup, I know I almost certainly sound like a grumpy old bastard but these things all suck the joy out of the club game for me. I still watch tons of club football because I still absolutely love the game itself, once the whistle goes I'll watch anything but I increasingly hate everything that surrounds it, and that sense always feels massively heightened after I've watched a summer tournament.

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1 hour ago, Beren said:

Properly going to miss this tournament/enjoying football/participating in a football board on this forum.



Made 100x worse by knowing all we have to go back to is current day NUFC :anguish:

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