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transfer rates and funky gadgets


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this looks like the poor mans sata drive?




I assume this would be faster than a sata 2 spindle drive but slower than sata 3.


`Support SATA I/II host`


SD/ SDHC/ MMC Cards data transfer rates are ave??


is that where the bottle neck would be on this?  or the speed of the sata controller.


i need 15-20gb of fast read storage space,  this is a hamfisted solution, but am good at the heath robinson stuff....

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comparing a sata 3 platter drive to lastest type sd card=


Performance (sata)


Drive Transfer Rate

    600 MBps (external)


Internal Data Rate

    150 MBps


`the new architecture of SDXC cards designed to reach speeds up to a maximum transfer rate of 104MB/sec`


in practice the cards are achieveing 50mb/sec rates atmo.


what i dont understand is how seek times affects all this.

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found this for testing....dunno how good it is.  suprised to see the sata 2 drive gave only 60mb/sec READ rates.....ide was around 55mb. (test doesnt do write rates...in non destructive manner)


assumed the sata drive would be 80+


[burst rates were over 100mb/sec]  not sure how this stat compares to real wolrd usage.

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