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Helicopter crash in South London


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Considering it's in London...it's pretty poor that SKY and BBC haven't got cameras there already. Still using photos sent in from viewers. Wonder what's up with that.


Add to that the response units in those pics (clearly a bit after the crash) don't look very major. I though London was on super high alert for this kind of stuff...in case it was more than an accident ???


Hope casualties are as low as possible :(


With this happening so close to MI5's headquarters you have to be a bit suspicious of just why it took as long as it did for the TV crews to get there... :shifty:

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Guest neesy111

Meanwhile, two people died. Likely had families who are now looking at spending the rest of their lives without an important family member.


Maybe wait more than 12 hours before the jokes come in?


You're the one that was having a right moan at no TV camera's being there earlier though.

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