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:kasper: https://vimeo.com/49294325


This thing could change everything  :smug:








Given Team Fortress 2's longstanding and profitable relationship with headwear, a port of the free-to-play shooter to virtual reality goggles — like the highly anticipated Oculus Rift — seems like a natural fit. Apparently, that's what developer Valve has done.


Valve employees plan to share details of the Team Fortress 2 VR port at a pair of talks at this year's Game Developers Conference. The talks, one from programmer Joe Ludwig and one from wearable computing specialist Michael Abrash, will be technical in nature. Ludwig's talk will focus on the process of porting Team Fortress 2 to virtual reality goggles, touching on user interface design and integration of head tracking. Abrash's session looks at the convergence of key technologies that make VR gaming more viable than ever and explores the future of the interface.


Abrash occasionally writes about augmented reality, virtual reality and the challenges that face both technologies at his blog, Ramblings In Valve Time. Abrash recently wrote at length about the issue of latency as it relates to delivering believable virtual reality experiences.


The GDC main conference will take place March 27-29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif.

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Looks amazing! Is it being sold anytime soon? /drool


Dev kits are going out in March I think and a number of well known games work with it


    Left 4 Dead

    Half-Life 2

    Portal 2


    Mirror's Edge


    Unreal Tournament 3

    Dear Esther

    DiRT 2

    Doom 3


Still plenty of work to be done but games are about to hit the next level, imo, if this takes off

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That'll be dead in the water if this VR kicks off. IMHO.





Apparently you actually die when you hit the floor in that Mirrors Edge clip!


Yeah you do, it's a great game, think I read they're working on the sequel at the moment


:lol: I meant, you really die (wearing the VR headset) :lol:


It was clearly a shit joke. I was basing it on those 'die in your dreams die in real life' movies etc.




so hungover today, didn't twig it  :laugh:

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I just wish more console FP perspective games were more imaginative.

I hate how in almost all FPS games you don't have any legs.


:lol: So I'm not the only one that looks down and either sighs or does the :notbad: ?

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  • 2 months later...

Inside Oculus: a tour of virtual reality's would-be savior


A small California-based team is burning the midnight oil to put goggles on your head




On the fourth floor of a fourteen-story California skyscraper, a stone’s throw from UC Irvine, a tiny startup named Oculus is trying to bring the idea of virtual reality back to life. It might even have a chance: just six months ago, the company raised $2.4 million on Kickstarter with only a duct-taped pair of LCD-equipped ski goggles to its name, and now the company’s about to start shipping some 10,000 completed Oculus Rift developer kits to its backers in the video game industry.


Also, engadget article plus video



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The original concept was constructed from leftover parts in the garage of a tinkerer who was trying to create an affordable VR experience. Looking to further the Rift's development, the newborn firm took to crowdfunding and smashed its 30-day Kickstarter goal of $250,000 by raising a colossal $2,437,429 this past August.



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