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Interested in seeing some of the favourite music videos of people on here. Wide aspect of people with different tastes and shit. Doesn't have to be your favourite song/artist or even a song you like, just the music video itself that you find great. Try to keep it to two-three videos per post. Makes it harder to choose naturally, but makes it easier to actually check out videos that one's not seen before. :thup:


As I'm fairly certain most people will post Smack My Bitch Up I'll refrain from posting it even if it's deserving of a spot on my list. :lol:



Gavras is easily becoming one of my directors to watch as he's making the transition from music videos to feature films. He's the one who did Born Free by M.I.A (the ginger genocide video) as well.



Christopher Walken. Enough said. :lol:



Just beautiful throughout, from the video to the music to the comment on society.


Probably forgotten a few as well, but still.

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