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Buying new laptop tonight. Need advice.


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Sup guys, I need help choosing a new laptop as I'm buying one tonight. My knowledge of computer and their specifications is limited.


My budget is 550 max.


Ill be using it for blogging/making websites, streaming nufc matches and general browsing. Ill have a lot of windows open at once I imagine.


I ideally want hdd around 500 although maybe that's too big as I don't plan to be buying games or anything?

Processor needs to be good and around 4gb ram.


Like I said my knowledge is limited so any advice would be greatly welcomed. I've been looking at the three laptops below. I was told business class laptops like hp probook are better built.


If there are any other laptops you know of please recommend and basically guide me in the right direction.


Thanks !





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If you buy a Samsung laptop you can`t go wrong. The ones who doesn`t have SDD got a built-in SSD chip for programs and Windows. That way you would experience the speed of a SSD, only cheaper. Samsung have done everything right in 2012 and are on their way to the top as far as laptops goes. One of the reasons for their success is the fact that they produce most of the parts themselves (I think they have sold their CPU segment to Intel mind)

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