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Frape Ideas


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One we do to a particular mate is go on random people's walls that you never speak to and start a conversation. Think the last one went;


Mate - "Hey, did you enjoy the loft the other night?"

Her - "Hey, yeah it was good, did you?"

Mate - "I wasn't there"

          "actually I was"


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"Just invited next door's kid round, this should be fun :)"


I didn't make it up, someone once put it on my wall.


You can't talk about being fraped, every other day you're coming out of the closet...





Unless there's something you'd like to share with the world!

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One that me and a couple of mates have built a bit of a rivalry upon is gay lyrics. So, posting lyrics from a really shitty poppy song, but slightly wrong... so it suggests he likes S Club 7 - enough to post their lyrics on his wall - but not enough to know the lyric exactly.


Last one they left on mine was "Whenever, Wherever, Forever to be together" (Shakira). :lol: Makes you look like such a mug.

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