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Evil women


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At some point all of us have come across someone who is just down right evil.  Not just mildly scary (like me) but a real nasty character who you wouldnt wanna be in dark alley with etc


Met a few over the years, inc a scottish lass who boasted she could get a hit done anytime she wanted off one of her mates.(cos they owed her a favour)


Been fortunate, only met half dozen (while in uk) nutjobs so far in life, anyone got some scary stories?


Heres an example of the type of psycho am on about:




(weird beeb drama)

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:lol: Not quite sure what you're going for here, like, but I've had one sociopathic woman at work who tried to get me sacked all the time until I outmanouevred her and she had to leave. Self-defence, like, but maybe that makes me more sociopathic than her, I dunno. :lol:


Men are worse in my experience, women just bitch about clothes, talk about soaps and brag about holidays, probably, my ears close when they start yapping. It's all "blah blah blah" to me until my name comes up.


Does that help?

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