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Record Breakers


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Dunno if anyone cares outside of us Admin, but January has smashed a couple of big records for N-O...


Most page views in a month: 7,455,209. An increase of 32% on the previous record of 5,652,990 set in January 2012.


Most posts in a month: 89,217. An increase of 10% on the previous record of 81,122 set in August 2011.


We also came within a whisker of most posts in a day and most page views in a day on the 19th (Reading loss) and 22nd (T'riffic Tuesday) respectively.


Quite remarkable considering we do no external advertising and make very little effort when it comes to Google rankings, etc.


Mad month all round really! Many thanks to all of you for being a part of it and to some of you in particular for being so hopelessly addicted to N-O.



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