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BT Infinity and their equivalents...


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Infinity has finally been enabled in the area where me Mam lives and I'm just wondering if anybody on here has got any experiences of the service offered by the likes of BT themselves, or alternatives like Plusnet and Sky since it's been rolled out?


I'm generally talking reliability and throttling, but stuff like ping is fairly important as well as there's a fair bit of online gaming gets done as my brother plays competitively. Anybody here have the service enabled with a gamer profile, for instance? This is something we've had with the bog standard Sky broadband up until this point and was something I've had in my own place - made a huge difference.


Plusnet is the cheapest deal - works out at £29.50p/m for the "truly unlimited" package, evening/weekend calls and line rental - and so is naturally the one I'm veering towards recommending but just wanted to see if anyone had any advice to offer.


Cheers :aww:

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